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The 69th Annual Tipton Reunion will be held
Saturday, July 11th, 2015, at the Berlin Community Grove.

To learn more, view the announcement here (.jpg).
GPS coordinates for the Berlin Community Grove: 39.9411, -78.9381
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Jacob J. Tipton (1820-1903)
and his wife
Lucinda Coughenour (1823-1891)
of Allegheny Township, Somerset County, Pa.
(actual size 16" x 20")
Note: The Jacob Tipton Decendancy Chart and Jacob Tipton Modified Register are no longer available for download in PDF format from this web site. View these files using the links above.

This chalk drawing of Jacob and Lucinda (right) was discovered several years ago in a trunk in the attic of the home of the late Lee and Lorene (Powell) Hoppert at Mt. Zion in Allegheny Twp., Somerset Co., Pa. Lorene ia a great-grandaughter of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton. The drawing was made by an unknown artist working for the Chicago Portrait Company. It was probably drawn in the early 1900s from earlier photograph(s) of Jacob and Lucinda. Thanks to Lee and Lorene's children, Charlene Norris, Donna Hoppert, and Lynn Hoppert, for graciously giving the drawing to this web site manager.


Jacob Tipton

This photo was found along with the chalk drawing shown above right. It was probably taken sometime between Lucinda's death in 1891 and Jacob's death in 1903. Thanks to Charlene Noris, Donna Hoppert, and Lynn Hoppert for the photograph.
Click on the photo (or
click here) to see the photo at a larger size.


Jacob and His Ancestors
by W. R. Tipton

Jacob Tipton was born 9 Oct 1820 in Allegheny Township, Somerset County, Pa., the eldest son of Noah and Elizabeth (Wagaman) Tipton. He married Lucinda Coughenour in 1844 and they went to housekeeping in "the house at the old place" (the Tipton family homestead in Allegheny Township). About 1850 they moved "down where the buildings now stand", along Shaffers Run south of Glen Savage. The 1876 Beers Atlas of Somerset County shows Jacob at this location, which is where the well and barn foundation in the photos below are located. Lucinda died in 1891 and Jacob spent his final years living with his daughter and son-in-law Annie and George Lafferty. Jacob died in 1903, having lived his entire life in Allegheny Township.

Jacob's father Noah Tipton was born in the year 1800, probably in Maryland. He married Elizabeth Wagaman in the year 1819, first living in Allegheny Township (probably on the old homestead), then residing for awhile in Bedford County, his farm being across the county line only a few miles from Glen Savage. Here they were neighbors of Elizabeth's parents, Philip and Mary (Greisher) Wagaman. In 1864, Noah and Elizabeth moved to Illinois, following daughters Jemima and Elizabeth and their families. Noah died there around 1870 and Elizabeth followed sometime after 1880.

Noah's father (Jacob's grandfather) was William Tipton. His full name could have been William Noah Tipton or Noah William Tipton; whether either of these is correct has yet to be determined. William first appears as head of a household in Allegheny Township in the 1810 U.S. Federal Census. He is in the 1814 list of (married) taxable inhabitants in Allegheny Township, and shows up again in that place in the 1820 Census. On the 1818 Whiteside Map of Somerset County, William's location is shown to be on the opposite side (west side) of Shaffer's Run from the place where Jacob would later live. His location on this map shows that the Tipton homestead ("the old place") must have been on the wooded hillside that is called Tipton's Woods by the present-day local residents. The tract of land at the center of Tipton woods remained in the Tipton family until it was sold recently (about 2000).

When and where William was born and died, and the name of his wife and parents, remain a mystery. Undoubtedly he came from Maryland, probably Anne Arundel County, where many Tiptons in the U.S. can trace their ancestry back to the infamous Jonathan Tipton II (1699-1779). DNA testing has proven that the descendants of William Tipton of Allegheny Township are related to Jonathan, although the connection is unknown.

Jacob Tipton's obituary
as it appeared in the Bedford (Pa.) Gazette on February 06, 1903.
  Noah C. Tipton
  Elizabeth (Tipton) Brown
  James Tipton
  Anna R. (Tipton) Lafferty
  Emma Jeanette "Nettie" (Tipton) Lafferty
  Mary Ellen (Tipton) Cook
  Not mentioned: John Wesley Tipton
  Four children predeceased Jacob.

History of the Tipton Clan
by Noah Tipton

In 1921, the 1st Annual Reunion was held for the descendants of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton. They met at the Shaffer Church near Glen Savage, Pa. The record of that reunion states that "Noah Tipton gave a very complete history of the fore-fathers of the Tipton clan." Noah (1844-1932) was a son of Jacob and Lucinda. What he said at that 1st reunion was not recorded, but surviving is a typewritten document that is a transcription of Noah's notes, most likely from the 3rd reunion in 1923 when "the History of the Clan was given by Noah Tipton." It was typed along with the minutes of the first several reunions by the reunion Secretary, H. F. (Herman Frederick) Heffley about 1924/25.
The document includes three sections: History of the Tipton Clan, pages 1, 2, and the bottom half of page 4; History of Great Grandfather Coughenour, page 3 and the top half of page 4; and The History of the family of Jacob Tipton, pages 5 and 6.
Noah died in 1932. In 1947, his nephew James M. Cook produced a revised version of this family history. This version is available for viewing further down.
Click on the thumbnails below to view the individual pages of Noah's original version.

Tipton Family Tree
according to the History of the Tipton Clan
1. Noah Tipton m. Unknown
---- 2. Nellie Tipton m. George Frazer
---- 2. Charlotte Tipton m. Jacob Burkhart
---- 2. Thomas Tipton m. Catherine Burkhart
---- 2. Jonathan Tipton m. Unknown
---- 2. Noah Tipton (b. 1800) m. Elizabeth Waggaman
-------- 3. Jacob Tipton (9 Oct 1820 – 19 Jan 1903)
             m. Lucinda Coughenour (5 Aug 1923 – 4 Feb 1891)
------------ 4. Noah Tipton (the historian) (b. 27 Dec 1844)
------------ 4. Elizabeth (b. 7 Apr 1846)
------------ 4. Ann Lovina Tipton (13 Feb 1848 – 17 Sep 1849)
------------ 4. Rachel Tipton (5 Dec 1849 – 16 May 1873)
------------ 4. Samuel Tipton (29 Nov 1851 – 7 Jan 1861)
------------ 4. William Tipton (4 Sep 1853 – 18 Feb 1856)
------------ 4. John Wesley Tipton (b. 24 Oct 1855)
------------ 4. Mary Ellen Tipton (23 Oct 1857 – 8 Feb 1923)
------------ 4. James Tipton (b. 27 Jan 1860)
------------ 4. Ann R. Tipton (b. 21 May 1862)
------------ 4. Emma Janette Tipton (b. 26 Aug 1865)
------------ 4. James M. Cook (b. 9 Feb 1873) *
-------- 3. Son (died in infancy)
-------- 3. Samuel Tipton m. Ellen Carner
-------- 3. James B. Tipton m. Ellen Hill
-------- 3. Noah Tipton
-------- 3. Gemima Tipton m. Joseph Studibaker
-------- 3. Cordilla Tipton m. Samuel Clites
-------- 3. Annie Tipton m. Jacob Cook
-------- 3. Elizabeth Tipton m. Unknown Rush
-------- 3. William Tipton (didn't marry)
* James Cook was the son of Rachel (Tipton) Cook, who died three months after childbirth. James was raised by his grandparents Jacob and Lucinda.


Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6


History of the Tipton Family Tree
by Noah Tipton and James M. Cook

In preparation of the 1947 Tipton family reunion, James M. Cook made some changes and additions to his uncle Noah Tipton's History of the Tipton Clan (above) for presentation to the gathering at the reunion. James was the only child of Rachel (Tipton) Cook, daughter of Jacob Tipton. Rachel died a few months after James was born, and James was raised by grandparents Jacob and Lucinda Tipton. Click on the thumbnails below to view individual pages of the History of the Tipton Family Tree. Below the thumbnail links are some comments about this document.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Below is a list of some comments and corrections for this document. Posting this list does not imply that all other content is accurate. Some info in this document can not be verified. In this list, the History of the Tipton Clan by Noah Tipton is abbreviated as H.T.C..
Page 1, first line: James names his great great grandfather Noah, and someone crossed out the first "great", thus the wording was reverted back to the original H.T.C. as it was written by James' uncle Noah.
Page 1, paragraph 2, line 3: Same as above.
Page 2, paragraph 1, line 7: "Ellen Carnerand, lived . . ." should be "Ellen Carner, and lived . . .". This error was copied from the original H.T.C., which was typed with a missing space between "Carner" and "and". Samuel Tipton's wife was Ellen Carner, not Ellen Carnerand.
Page 2, paragraph 6, line 1: Isaac Coughenour should be Joseph Coughenour (unless Joseph's full name was Joseph Isaac or Isaac Joseph, which is possible since Joseph named a son Isaac).
Page 2, paragraph 6, lines 3 & 4: The list of children of Samuel Coughenour has some confusing punctuation (copied from the original H.T.C.). The list of children, in order of birth, is... 1 Lucinda, 2 Isaac, 3 Daniel, 4 Louvina, 5 Samuel, 6 Elizabeth, 7 Sarah, 8 Mary Ware (Ware was her married name), and 9 Rachel Corley (Corley was her married name), Also Rachel probably had a twin sister Ann (this needs verification).
Page 2, paragraph 7, line 5: Daniel Shroyer's wife was Susan Sturtz, not Susan Boyer. There is some evidence that there was a Susan Boyer somehow related, but she was not Daniel's wife.
Page 2, last line: The Dutch Corners (Dutch Corner) is an interesting place name. It is an old name used for an area mostly contained in northern Bedford Township, Bedford County. The "Dutch" part of the name is no doubt from early German settlers. On the north and east, it is naturally cornered by mountains, thus the "Corner" part of the name.
Page 3, Under "Noting Great Grandfather Tipton's family:-": James Cook incorrectly read this list of children from his Uncle Noah's H.T.C.. Based on James' list of children, some people might think that there was a Jacob Tipton who's wife was named Charlotte. Not true. Here are the children when read correctly from Noah's H.T.C.: Nellie Tipton married George Frazier (who was not Solomon Burkhart's half brother). Charlotte Tipton married Jacob Burkhart, brother of Solomon Burkhart (Solomon was a prominent resident of Allegheny Twp. in the 1800s, thus the relational reference was understood by "old timers" in the early 1900s). Thomas Tipton married Catherine Burkhart, and Jonathan Tipton's wife's name is unknown.
Page 3, last paragraph: Unknown words are crossed out. Rachel Tipton was James Cook's mother, and James added to what was written about Rachel in the original H.T.C.. It appears as if someone began to write something over the typewritten words, then decided to cross them out.
Page 4, third line: With a hand notation, someone questioned the birth year for William Tipton. It is incorrect, and came from a typo in the original H.T.C.. William was born Sept. 4, 1853 and died Feb. 18, 1856 age 2 years, 5 months, and 14 days.

The Tipton Family Reunions

Following the Great World War (World War I), families were drawn together in a time of peace and prosperity to celebrate the safe return of family members who served in the war and survived, and to remember those who went away and didn't come home. There was a sense of family unity which swept the nation and many family reunions had their beginnings at this time. And so it was for the Tiptons of Somerset County. In 1921, the first annual reunion was held for the descendants of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton at the Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church (Shaffer Church) near Glen Savage in Allegheny Township, Somerset County, Pa.

Subsequent annual reunions were held at the Mt. Olivet Church with a few exceptions: the 3rd reunion was held in Hyndman, Bedford County, and the 8th reunion convened in the Landis Grove near Berlin, Somerset County. The last of this series of reunions with a surviving record was the 22nd annual reunion held in 1942. World War II may have caused the annual reunions to cease at that time.

History repeated itself, as the peace that followed the end of WWII spawned a resurgence of family reunions. Again the Tipton clan was drawn together and the custom of having an annual Tipton Reunion was resurrrected in 1947, this time for the descendants of John Wesley and Emma Jane (Reitz) Tipton (John was a son of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton). These reunions were held on the John Tipton farm (now the McQuade Farm) on Pine Valley Road in Allegheny Township. This author remembers attending his first Tipton Reunion at this place in the mid-1950s. In 1970, the annual reunion was moved to the Berlin Community Grove on Beulah Road north of Berlin, where they continue to be held every year, usually on the second Saturday in July.

Click on the thumbnails below to view individual pages of the records of the first 11 reunions, 1921 thru 1931.

1st Reunion, p.1 1st Reunion, p.2 1st Reunion, p.3 2nd Reunion 3rd Reunion, p.1 3rd Reunion, p.2
4th Reunion, p.1 4th Reunion, p.2 4th Reunion, p.3 4th Reunion, p.4 4th Reunion, p.5 4th Reunion, p.6
5th Reunion 6th Reunion, p.1 6th Reunion, p.2 7th Reunion 8th Reunion, p.1 8th Reunion, p.2
8th Reunion, p.3 9th Reunion, p.1 9th Reunion, p.2 10th Reunion 11th Reunion


(Photo courtesy of Donna Hoppert)
Children of Jacob
and Lucinda Tipton

This photo of five children of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton was probably taken around 1920. Please help identify the people in this photo. One son's identity is known... John Wesley Tipton is in the center. Other children who could be in the photo are Noac C. Tipton (probably far left) and James Tipton (probably 2nd from right). Possibilities for the two women are Elizabeth (Tipton) Brown, Mary Ellen (Tipton) Cook, Anna R. (Tipton) Lafferty, and Emma Janette (Tipton) Lafferty. If you can help put names to faces, please send a message to this web site manager.

John Wesley and Emma Jane Tipton: 50th Wedding Anniversary (1928)

  (Anniversary photos above right courtesy of Donna Hoppert)
John and Emma with their 50th
Wedding Anniversary cake

This photo is marked "Landis Grove 1928" on the back. The location of Landis Grove (near Berlin, Pa.) is unknown. The newspaper clipping (left) places the anniversary celebration at the home of John and Emma's daughter Binnie McQuade in Allegheny Township. The discrepancy cannot be explained, except that there may have been two anniversary events.

Group photo at the 50th Wedding Anniversary
John is in the back row, far right. Emma is in the front row, second from the right. James Tipton is at top left. The others are siblings of John and Emma, probably with some spouses. If any viewer can identify the others in this photo, this web site manager would appreciate a message (click here).

Children of John Wesley and Emma Jane (Reitz) Tipton

Back row
Freeman Reitz Tipton
George M. Tipton
James Wesley Tipton
Front row
Elizabeth June (Tipton) Bowman
May L. (Tipton) Stuck
Binnie R. (Tipton) McQuade
Mary Lucinda (Tipton) Heffley
Missing from photo
Clarence William Tipton
Two sons, Freddie and Rufus,
died in infancy.

(Thanks to Cousin Larry Tipton
for helping to match names to
faces in this photo, March 2012.)

Freeman was not a head taller than his brothers - he was standing on something. Photo from early 1950s.

Family of Emma Jane (Reitz) Tipton
Back row:
Front row:
Rebecca (Reitz) Coughenour, Rose (Reitz) McVicker,
Wesley Reitz, Ella (Reitz) Stutzman, Bertha (Reitz) Miller
John Reitz, Emma (Reitz) Tipton, Mary (Keefer) Reitz
Photograph circa 1888
Links to Find A Grave Memorials
Descendants and spouses of descendants of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton

The list of links to Find-A-Grave memorials has become too large to manage and has been removed from this page. Find-A-Grave memorial numbers are included in individual biographies in the Jacob Tipton Modified Register.

Clayton O. Lafferty, Great Grandson of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton

   Clayton O. Lafferty, 86, Greenfield Township, North East, died Thursday Aug. 29, 2013, at Shorehaven. He was born on Jan. 8, 1927, in North East, to the late Clayton Oran and Sadie Hoover Lafferty. Clayton served in the United States Army. He was raised in Somerset, where he attended Somerset school. Clayton was employed at Atlantic Richfield in Erie for 13 years as a truck driver until retirement in 1988. He was a member of the Greenfield Baptist Church, where he was a trustee and attended the Busy Bee Sunday school class. Clayton loved hunting, fishing and golfing. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his half-brother, Frank Ross and son-in-law Huy Do in 2009. Clayton is survived by his wife of 64 years, Etheleen Lyons Lafferty, whom he married June 23, 1949; sons, James Lafferty and wife Melinda of North East and Donald Lafferty and wife Lois of North East; daughter, Janet Do of Houston, Texas; 11 grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the William D. Elkin Funeral Home, 65 S. Lake Street, North East on Sunday 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. and are invited to attend a funeral service on Monday at 11 a.m. at Greenfield Baptist Church, 9028 Williams Road. Officiating Rev. David Waldo. Private interment North East Cemetery. Please send condolences to www.elkinfh.com..

- Somerset Daily American, Friday, August 30, 2013

   Clayton's father was a son of James C. Lafferty and Emma Jannette "Nettie" Tipton. Nettie was a daughter of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton.

Leland E. Tipton, 94, of Berlin

   Leland E. Tipton, 94, of Berlin, died Feb. 18, 2012, at Windber Medical Center. Born May 27, 1917, in Berlin, son of Clarence W. and Gertrude (Landis) Tipton. Preceded in death by parents, wife, the former Ruth Cutchall, and a brother and a sister. Survived by a niece, Beverly Jervis and husband Dik, Maine. He was a World War II Army veteran and retired Berlin business owner. Member of American Legion Post 445 and VFW Post 7295, both of Berlin. There will be no viewing or service at Leland's request. Private interment at Berlin IOOF Cemetery following cremation. Arrangements entrusted to Deaner Funeral Home, Berlin. Memorial contributions may be given to the Humane Society of Somerset County, P.O. Box 182, Somerset, PA 15501.

- Somerset Daily-American, 20 Feb 2012

   Leland L. Tipton and Ruth Cutchall were married 21 Jan 1947 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ruth was born 12 Apr 1927 in Meeker, Oklahoma, and died 01 Sep 2001 in Berlin. Leland and Ruth had no children. Leland was the last "Tipton" descendant of Jacob and Lucinda Tipton known to be living in Somerset County, Pa.

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